Welcome! This page is a high-level introduction to the Captain DataPlatform, including what it does and how.

What is Captain Data?

Captain Data is a  data automation platform, which means that we provide a service that simplifies collecting, automating and integrating data from everywhere: websites or your internal marketing/tech stack.

We simplify the process of extracting data and hooking up everything together, allowing you to spend more time using your data, and  less time trying to collect it and build things manually. 

The platform is designed to be very flexible. Even though it's designed as "no-code first",  developers will find great pleasure using it, to ease development and integration time.

What does it do?

Use cases related to data automation are virtually limitless.
A few examples:

  • Enrich your CRM on a daily basis
  • Find new leads on auto-pilot using platforms like LinkedIn or Google Maps
  • Score leads based on enrichment criteria
  • Extract customer reviews from platforms such as Booking or TripAdvisor

The list does not end there.

Always remember that, when there's data, and that the process required is pretty " dumb" - meaning a bot following a few rules can do it - then you can automate it.

How does it work?

Captain Data maintains a library of pre-coded templates, bots, and third-services integrations. We provide a complete documentation on how to setup the bots.

There's also a complete API documentation available here if you need to integrate it more deeply.

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