Manage, edit and re-use configurations

There are many ways to configure your workflows at Captain Data. 

ℹ️ You don't need to create a new workflow each time, you can simply create a new configuration.

To launch a workflow you need to fill-in a configuration.

Inside a configuration you will find several sections:

  • Integrations: where you choose and setup the integration(s)'s accounts you will use 
  • Inputs: the workflow's entry point
  • Parameters: specific parameters for your workflow, like the maximum number of results to extract
  • Launcher Settings: for advanced scheduling options, like using time slots or repeating the workflow every day

New Configuration

Each time you want to execute a workflow, you need to create a configuration.

You can create a new one by clicking on New Configuration:

Or access the details of a previous configuration by clicking on " Show configuration" as shown below.

When you're viewing a previous configuration (workflow has already been launched) it will be marked as Read-only.

You can only see but not modify the data.

If you want to use this configuration, click " Use config" to load it a new configuration: Read-only becomes a Draft.

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