Manage schedules

A workflow can be executed at a specific date and frequency: for example every Tuesday at 8pm.

A schedule is a workflow job planned to be executed in the future.

There's two way to access your schedules, either from the Activity Schedules tab:

Or directly from a specific workflow under Schedules:

Create a schedule

To create a schedule, you should create a New Configuration from a workflow page.

Once on the configuration, scroll and open the "Launcher settings":

You can run a schedule as fast as every minute, although it's very rare you'll need it!

You can either decide to launch the schedule now or later.

  • If you select now, the workflow will launch every time as the time you'll click launch: so if you're Tuesday and it's 10am and you select Run every 1 day, the next time the workflow will run will be on Wednesday at 10am
  • If you select later, the workflow will launch at the date you specified as starting point

You could also select a time slot to precise when you want it to run exactly.

For example, you might want to run your workflow every day, expect on week-ends, from 8am to 6pm:

Note: we have an additional article, Launcher settings that might prove useful.

Enable and disable schedules

You can disable and enable schedules at any time by hovering the card and toggling the following button:

Edit a schedule

To edit your schedule, hover the card and click on Show configuration:

Delete a schedule

To remove a schedule, hover the card and simply click on Delete:

You will be prompted a validation modal:

Delete multiple schedules

Whether you're on the activity feed or on a specific workflow, you can delete multiple schedules at once:

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