Manage your subscription

Head over to Subscription under in the Billing section. You'll see all the different options and features your plan lets you have access to


You will have to fill-in the Payment section so we can enable billing.

More about Billing and Invoices.

Billing Cycle

Under Captain Data Summary you will see when your plan is renewing, basically the same day and hour as when you started your subscription:

You can visualize how many tasks you consumed for a given period by clicking on the following dates:

When the renewal date is reached, the number of tasks is set back to 0.

Upgrading and downgrading

At any moment, you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription in the Billing section:

When you choose to upgrade and that you're billing information are saved, the new plan will apply directly without changing the billing cycle when you hit "Confirm Subscription":

For example, if you're on the Professional plan and you already consumed 10 000 tasks, you can upgrade now to a Growth plan to extract more data right after upgrading or buy more tasks.

ℹ️ However if you downgrade, you will still be able to use the current subscription until the end of the billing cycle, until it actually downgrades.


We've added the possibility to buy more users. For each new user that you buy, you will be credited with 10 000 additional tasks.

Slide to upgrade to the number of users you want to add and click on " Upgrade". A modal will appear to confirm your subscription.

You can always downgrade your number of users by sliding back to the number of users you want. 

We also added the possibility to buy additional tasks:

Same logic as for users, you can slide to upgrade or downgrade your number of tasks and confirm your subscription.  

Pause Subscription

To pause your subscription, reach out to with the number of months you want to pause your subscription and the moment you want it to be applied.

Cancel Subscription

We'd be sad to see you go 😢

In order to cancel your plan, click on the " Cancel subscription":

Do book a feedback meeting to let us know how we could have done better!

Please keep in mind that you need to cancel your suscription  before the end of the billing period.

Otherwise you will be charged for the next month.

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