Understand errors and retry jobs

Automating the web is a daunting task, and it's not always perfect.

Websites and APIs change all the time, which means that we constantly need to be ready to fix issues.

While we do have advanced monitoring and alerting systems, workflows can crash from time to time.

Type of errors

We've classified hundred of errors, from generic HTTP codes to integrations-specific errors.

We're constantly (every week!) adding new custom errors, and we'll do so until... well, probably always 😅

Warning This type of error is generally a functional error, which means that either you made a mistake when configuring your workflow, or there's simply nothing else to do on your end.
Shutdown This of error is a technical error.
Either the automation has:
  • A generic error: you can't do anything expect retrying or contact us
  • A specific technical error, like a status 404 or a 400

You (and us!) can't always fix this type of errors.

Warning Errors

The following example is a pretty good one:If you expand the " Action Required" banner, you will quickly see what happened: 

Well, not much to do according to the error message, since the contact in Hubspot already exists!

Another example with inputs

We always check imported inputs, which can results in warnings:

In this case, you could always modify the inputs to retry the job with inputs that failed.

Another example with integrations

If you're using an integration like LinkedIn, your cookies might become invalid.

To solve this issue you can typically hit "Retry now" which will redirect you to the configuration where you'll be able to update your cookie 🎉

Shutdown Errors

This type of error is generally a bit more complicated and tech-oriented.

"What is this gibberish?!"

Yes, well, that's the type of errors you can either retry or contact us to fix.

All inputs failed

This one might be tricky, though you always have the full detail.

Here's how to read them:

When you see this, you should click on the job card to be redirected to this:

Click on the only step with have to display the side-navigation menu and click on the first job:

Click on the Inputs tab:

You will be able to inspect the input to try and understand what happened.

In some cases, you will be able to retry the job by correcting the inputs.

Retry Jobs

Always check the error message before retrying.

There's no golden rules when it comes to retrying a job, you need to analyze it to understand why it failed.

Let's take the following example:

This is the kind of job you can retry, because there's an error in the parameters you provided, so it's something you'll be able to edit!

You can either click on "Retry Now" or click on the job and then on the step:

Top open the navigation menu to display the error:

And... click "Fix & resume this job to continue the workflow"; we even provide a quick "how-to" to help you correct the error 😇

Relaunch from scratch

If you feel like it's going to be easier to relaunch from scratch, you can also hit "Show configuration":

From the configuration you'll be able to "Use config" to relaunch it from scratch:

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