Setup and Update LinkedIn Integration

Install Extension

If you have not already downloaded and installed our Chrome Extension, do it now.

Add a new account

Head over to the Integrations page and click on LinkedIn:

Click on Connect a New Account:

Click on Configure my Account:


  • If you see an error message after clicking on "Configure my Account" (in red), follow the instructions
  • If you see an alert stating that you're not connected to LinkedIn.. you're probably not connected to LinkedIn 😅

Refresh an Account

Your LinkedIn account might be invalidated for multiple reasons, if:

  • you log out of your LinkedIn account on your browser
  • you automate too much and do not respect the commercial limits (checkout best practices)
  • you're using another automation tool

Refresh on the accounts page

Under Integrations LinkedIn you can refresh your account.

Note that you can only refresh an account that you setup yourself.

Refresh on the configuration page

You can also directly refresh in the configuration page, for example when retrying a specific job:

Manually add an account

If you do not have the Chrome Extension installed, or want to do it manually, here's how.

Note that we do not recommend doing so.

To find your LinkedIn session cookie:

Go back to your Captain Data account, and paste the new session cookie value inside the form.

💾 Save your account.

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