Configure and launch a workflow

ℹ️ You don't need to create a new workflow each time, you can simply create a new configuration.

All the workflows you created are listed under My Workflows.

You can filter them and organize them in folders.

Let's select Visit LinkedIn Profile:

You will be redirected to the Workflow View, where you will be able to create a new configuration:


Inside a configuration you will find several sections:

  • Name: the... configuration's name :)
  • Integrations: where you choose and setup the integration(s)'s accounts you will use 
  • Inputs: the workflow's entry point
  • Parameters: specific parameters for your workflow, like the maximum number of results to extract
  • Launcher Settings: for advanced scheduling options, like using time slots or repeating the workflow every day

First, give your configuration a Name and select the integration's account you want to use:

If you need more details, read Configure workflows with integrations accounts.

Once you select a valid account, you will have to add inputs:

Read more: Add and import inputs in a configuration.


The parameter section is specific to each workflow.

We generally provide a guide on the right-side panel, explaining how to set the different parameters for a given workflow.

Launcher Settings

You have two options:

  • Launch now: which immediately launches the workflow
  • Launch later: schedules the workflow at a date and time of you choosing

Automatic Repeated Scheduling

You can choose to schedule the workflow to run repeatedly:

In our example, the workflow will launch every day, at the same time once you click Launch.

Time Slots

Time slots settings determine a given time frame when a workflow is actually working.

In our example, the workflow will only work between 8am and 5pm only on week days.

Here is a more detailed article about launcher settings.

Last bust not least, click on Launch 🚀

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