Automation Store - Find templates and create workflows

To find your Workflow on Captain Data, you must head to the Store section.

All Templates

When you open the Store, you'll have access to all available applications on Captain Data

All applications will be visible under the "All templates" use case.

Just click on an app to see the workflows you can use:

You can click on multiple apps to combine them and choose the right workflow. 

For exemple, choosing LinkedIn and Hubspot will output this:

This an AND filter, which means that workflows listed will alway have both applications.

To learn more about a workflow, hover its card and click on it:

On a workflow page, you can see:

  • The complete overview
  • The tasks we're going to automate
  • A data output example

If the workflow suits your needs, you can click on Use This Workflow to create it.

If you already have a working version of this workflow, we'll strongly recommend you to create a new configuration instead of creating a new version of the same workflow:

Single-step VS multi-step workflows

You can choose to filter the workflows based on if they are Single-step or Multi-step workflows. 

By default, we will display all workflows. Should you choose to display only Single-step workflows, other applications will obviously disappear.

Use Cases

You can also choose to explore the most popular use cases available Captain Data by using the left-hand side greyed nav bar.

For instance, if you choose "Automate lead generation", we will only display the apps and workflow listed as automating lead generation 👇

For example if you use Hunter, you can select it the app and it will filter all workflows related to "Automating lead generation" with "Hunter"

You can select the workflow of your choice, by hovering and clicking on the card, which will redirect you to the workflow' page.

Next steps

Once you're done, you can read Configure and launch a workflow!

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