Workflows details

A workflow is a scenario automating one or multiple tasks.

One workflow can automate multiple applications, such as LinkedIn or Dropcontact.

Our job at Captain Data is to make yours easier, so we're always looking at the best to make things simple.

Read Find and create workflows to learn how to do it.

My workflows

All the workflows you created are listed inside the My workflows section:

You can navigate to the details of a workflow by hovering and clicking on its card.

Workflow details

Once you click on a card, you'll see the following:

You have 5 tabs:

  • History would be the list of jobs (execution of a configuration) than ran
  • Results are all the aggregated results for this workflow
  • Schedules lists any schedule(s) this workflow would have
  • Webhooks enable you to add a webhook
  • API is a playground to get you started quickly with our API
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